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Rochester Caledonian Pipe Band  (RCPB) is a local piping band from Rochester, Minnesota that enjoys playing together as well as participating in community events.  As a band or as individuals, we have been involved in events such as parades, funerals, weddings, telethons, piping competition and many more.  Please take a moment to peruse our site and enjoy what we have to share.

Rochester Caledonian Pipe Band is dedicated to bringing the music, history and culture of the Highland Bagpipe to the residents of Rochester and Southeastern Minnesota. The band serves this mission by performing in a variety of venues including parades, concerts and charitable events throughout the area.
Rochester Caledonian Pipe Band strives for continual improvement by expanding the repertoire and skills through weekly rehearsals. It is also important that each band member has an enjoyable, rewarding experience so it emphasizes camaraderie and civic involvement.

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